Crichton, Augusta Kate - portrait of Colonel Menzies

This miniature is clearly signed on the front "A K Crichton 1908" and on the reverse as Mrs Augusta Kate Crichton, Leonard Stanley, Stonehouse, Glos. Augusta is unrecorded as an artist, but by this example she was very talented.

Augusta Kate Tweddell was born in 1869 in Karachi, then in India, where her father was Major Francis Tweddell of the 10th Regiment of the Bengal Infantry and himself born in West Bengal, India in 1829. Her mother was Matilda von Dulken, who was related to Polish nobility. In 1881 Augusta had been living at "Blair Athol", Colby Road, Camberwell, London, England and she married Richard Trevor Crichton at Karachi, India 18 Oct 1891.

The sitter is Colonel O Menzies and he is wearing mayoral robes. The regalia is clearly marked ER VII for Edward VII. Colonel Oswald Menzies has been located in the 1901 census and in the Indian Army Quarterly List for 1 Jan, 1912. He was born 30 August 1837 in Capetown, South Africa. He was first commissioned 26 Aug 1854, made a colonel 26 Aug 1880 and retired 26 Aug 1884. In 1901 he was living in Ealing as a widower, with two daughters Alice and Elizabeth, together with several grandchildren and servants.

The boroughs of Acton, Ealing, and Southall merged in 1965 to form the new Borough of Ealing. New mayoral regalia were created at that time and for comparison the new chain of office can be seen at Badges and chains of office However, the new Borough of Ealing has kindly confirmed that Colonel Oswald Menzies was indeed Mayor in 1904/05. The old regalia he is wearing here is still on display at the Borough offices. 1188


Ian said...

I note this photograph of my Great Grandfather in all his regalia and I am particularly interested to know who originally commissioned this picture, how it came to be in this collection and if it is possible to see the actual miniature itself?
You might like to be aware that my great grandfather had three daughters Georgina (known as 'Ina') who was my paternal grandmother, Eliza, and Nora - I am mystified to know who Alice was, as mentioned in the 1901 census, as I can not find any mention of her in the family records. You may be interested to know that I actually possess a miniature of the gold medallion as shown in your picture inscribed on the reverse with my great grandfather's name and that he was Mayor of Ealing from 1904-1905. In short I would be interested to know if the miniature portrait itself is being offered for sale and by whom?

Don Shelton said...

Hi Ian,
The miniature was purchased at an Internet auction. If you click on my profile, you will see an email link to contact me direct and talk further.